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Lash Extension Training Courses

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

🔐Choosing the right course🏆

❓Who is teaching? — You will want to ensure there are accredited instructors.


Blaire is certified and accredited through RM Lash & Beauty, respected source for lash educators and technicians alike. The training takes place at her studio in Green Bay, WI. Blaire received her cosmetology degree in 2008, and Bachelors of Arts in business management from Concordia University. She spent seven years in higher education recruiting and mentoring students, and has over ten years in the marketing and customer relations fields.

❓What's in the kit? — A kit should provide you everything you need to complete 5 services.


All the essential supplies (and more) to practice on 10 clients! A mannequin head as well for additional practice. Along with a few gifts from your trainer!

❓How long is it? — There should be plenty of time designated to learning and time to practice.


For the Essentials (Classic & Volume) course is broken out in 2 days with approximately 15 hours of training.

🕒 Day one:

  1. 30 mins: Intro & ice breaker

  2. 2 hours: Theory

  3. 15 mins: Break

  4. 1 hour: Hands on activity

  5. 1 hour: Lunch

  6. 2 hours: Practice on mannequin head

  7. 15 mins: Break

  8. 1 hour: Wrap up & quiz

🕔 Day two:

  1. 2 hours: Refresher

  2. 15 min: Break

  3. 4 hours: Live model practical exam

  4. 15 min: Break

  5. 30 mins: Test and graduation!

The Master’s course is a 1 day course for any students who have passed the Essentials course, or students who hold a classic & volume lash extension certificate elsewhere from a certified trainer within 6 months. This course is a full day, either one day or split into two days, with a live model with less theory and application, but more tricks and techniques to expand your trade.

❓Are there models? — Models are essential to your success and understanding.


Yes. You are asked bring someone you know to be your model. It will make the practical less intimidating. Ensure your model that the trainer will do a thorough check and complete the service if needed to ensure she has a pretty and full set. Models can be provided by Blaire if needed.

❓Is there a certificate? — Employers and advanced classes will require you to.


Absolutely!! But your trainer does have the right to withhold a certificate if a student does not perform satisfactory.

“Under my training a student failing will likely never happen as it is my goal to provide the best knowledge, expertise and hands-on training to my students. Our learning environment is very laid back. I’m your trainer, but also your friend, cheerleader, biggest supporter, and peer. As a graduate of my program you will be in my extensive network and I will send referrals to you. If a student exhibits she needs more training and confidence I will work with her for a few more days and having her shadow me at work. All at no extra cost.” -Blaire


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