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Body Sculpting

How is body sculpting done?

Our technicians use a high tech machine. The special features include ultrasound cavitation, which uses radio frequencies and low-frequency ultrasonic waves to break down fat cells below the skin. It is a non-surgical method of reducing cellulite and localized fat. 

This procedure involves applying pressure on fat cells through ultrasonic vibrations. The pressure is high enough to make the fat cells break down into a liquid form draining it into the interstitial and the lymphatic systems where they are released out of your body via sweet, urine, or stool.

What Is  Body Sculpting?

Nonsurgical body sculpting is not supposed to serve as a weight loss solution. It is ideal for people who have attained their desired weight, or are actively working towards it, but wish to get rid of stubborn fat pockets. Usually, this means excess fat that stubbornly resists diet and exercise. To qualify for most body contouring procedures, you must have a body mass index of less than 30.

But, if your BMI is greater than 30, and you have a few more pounds to lose, we recommend you pair your body sculpting sessions with laser lipo!

Laser Lipolysis is a safe in-office cosmetic procedure that uses laser energy to heat and remove fat cells. It’s ideal for shrinking various areas of the body. Recovery is quick and the risks are minimal.

If you want that hourglass figure we recommend pairing body sculpting with our vacuum butt therapy (noninvasive BBL)! Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive procedure that increases circulation to the buttocks, to "lift" your buttocks and make the skin appear smoother and firmer. This treatment can also break down fat tissues and cellulite, and remove toxins from your muscles. Vacuum therapy uses suction and mechanical massage to make your buttocks look firmer and more toned.

How many sessions?

Several sessions will be required for a nonsurgical body sculpting procedures. We recommend 8-12 sessions. You will complete this package by doing 2/3 sessions a week. Sessions run 45-90 minutes long. During your commitment you should also be working out and eating healthy in order to achieve the best results! Once you complete your package you will come back on an as needed basis. Consider these “maintenance sessions”. Or you can sign up for another package to get closer to your desired goals! After you have completed your sessions, you will look shapelier, more toned, and feel great!


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